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There are only limited opportunities for collecting Doctor Who merchandise from 1968.

German release of Fraser Hines' "Who's Dr. Who?" on Ariola

German release of Fraser Hines' "Who's Dr. Who?" on Ariola

Frazer Hines released a novelty record, "Who’s Doctor Who?" on the Major Minor label, which was accompanied by some advertising in the music press. The record was also issued in Germany on the Ariola label with a picture sleeve. World Distributors again published "The Dr. Who Annual" in time for Christmas. A BBC TV cast card of Wendy Padbury as Zoe Heriot is also available.

The Radio Times provided reasonable coverage of Doctor Who during 1968 with some short articles and a number of small photos accompanying the episode listings. Doctor Who’s first full-colour Radio Times cover, featuring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor at the TARDIS console, appeared on the issue dated 20-26 January 1968. This issue also included a two-page feature on "The Monstrous World of Doctor Who" across the centre pages of the magazine. A complete list of Doctor Who in the Radio Times can be found HERE.

TV Comic continued to run its Doctor Who strip throughout 1968. Sadly, the Doctor's grandchildren, John and Gillian (although now referred to as his companions) departed in issue 872, dated 31st August 1968, to continue their education. In the following issue, number 873, dated 7th September 1968, the Doctor runs into his television companion, Jamie, just as the Quarks begin their invasion of Earth. Jamie remained in the strip until March 1969. The Doctor Who strip returned to black and white with issue 881, dated 2nd November 1968. Doctor Who appeared in both the TV Comic Holiday Special and the TV Comic Annual 1969 (published late 1968).

TV Tornado no. 59, 24 February 1968 with Doctor Who cover art by Mick Anglo

TV Tornado no. 59, 24 February 1968 with Doctor Who cover art by Mick Anglo

Patrick Troughton, as the Doctor, made another notable comic appearance on the cover of TV Tornado number 59, dated 24 February 1968, alongside an Ice Warrior. The original artwork for this cover by Mick Anglo can be seen in the Gallery. While media coverage in general was not as extensive in 1968 as previous years, Doctor Who continued to appear in newspapers and magazines occasionally throughout the year. Some interesting magazine articles, in particular, are shown in the Gallery.

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